Risk Management

Program Protection

The RHA risk portfolio and its performance is dependent upon each individual Member adequately addressing the various exposures at their properties. The expert insurance team at RHA, along with their tenured business partners, provide a platform of tools and services to support the Members in their Risk Management efforts. Our collective diligence in the areas of loss control and claims is the very reason our Program has remained successful for over 35 years.

Loss Control

Our investment in loss control is vital to the success of the entire Membership. RHA conducts on-site loss control assessments that are tailored to our Members’ unique exposures. Each Member is evaluated separately and given risk management recommendations specific to the needs of their property.

Claims Management

The claims process can be daunting, and our Members find that a key benefit of Membership is RHA’s assistance in facilitating the claims process. Our goal is to ensure that claims are resolved in an equitable and timely manner.

Educational Resources

RHA provides exclusive access to webinars, white papers, newsletters, trainings, and one-on-one consultations. We provide our Members and broker partners with online access to the latest best practices within Risk Management.

Legal Services

Strong contracts aid in the mitigation of risk exposures for our Members. RHA’s complimentary contract legal service, Operation Contract, assists with the analysis of contracts and releases, creation of master vendor agreements, purchase order templates, and support in integrating contractual risk transfer practices. This individualized approach aims to abate exposures, which in turn safeguards the Membership.